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Communication is the exchange of thoughts or information – be it by speech, signals or behavior.

New ideas and concepts can evolve by constantly taking and manipulating thoughts, trying to push them to their boundaries before either keeping them to oneself or sharing them with the public again. It does not matter who you are, what your skills are or what you are interested in - everyone should be able to participate in order to shape new ideas and create something pulsating with life.

AppConnector – which was originally developed for SAMSPIL, an experimental workshop during a ten-day residency at Science Friction, Copenhagen - tries to explore these ideas and possibilities on a computational level. It's a conceptual networking structure of collaborating applications, in which everyone can receive data which someone else within the network has published, manipulate this data and give it back to the group - creating from a few thoughts something living on its own.

AppConnector's advantage lies in its easy-to-integrate architecture. All the hard networking is done for you without dictating how to use its possibilities. AppConnector has originally been designed for programming workshops which strive to work on one project collaboratively - no matter how skilled you already are and what your tool of choice is - by simply providing a conceptual framework to build upon.

Currently, AppConnector has support for Processing and openFrameworks.